Green Space Initiative

New Grant Opportunity Aims to Make a Greener, Healthier Schenectady

The Carlilian Foundation’s Green Spaces Initiative is intended to provide support for transformative projects in underserved areas that improve the urban environment, inclusive of but not limited to parks, green spaces, gardens, beautification and recreational opportunities in the City of Schenectady.

The Foundation believes there is immense potential to transform urban spaces in ways that improve the health, safety and well-being of our citizens.  Blighted or overgrown spaces can be turned into safe, green and accessible places that improve our quality of life.  Where there is now only concrete and blacktop there can be grass, trees, shrubs and gardens.  Where space is underutilized and perceived as unsafe there can be accessibility,

Some potential uses of grant funds are:

  • Engaging and inspiring communities to create a greener Schenectady through community gardens, beautifying spaces in neighborhoods, and adjoining schools, non-profit and civic institutions.

  • Optimizing urban spaces for greenery and recreation by connecting communities to nature and historical, cultural and recreational sites.

  • Rejuvenating urban parks and enlivening streetscapes to provide common leisure spaces for citizens and visitors to play, celebrate and connect.

Green Spaces is intended to be a multi-year endeavor.  It was the vision of Charles W. Carl, Jr. to include in his estate plan funds dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of the Schenectady Rose Garden.  The consistent source of funding from the Carlilian Foundation has substantially enabled the Rose Garden’s transformation and sustainability.  Having experienced the positive outcomes of its Rose Garden investments, the Carlilian Foundation will apply a similar model for Green Spaces.

Applications may be submitted via the Foundation’s grant portal.  

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